The box the present came in, mum’s car keys and dad’s glasses. The favourite toy is often not a toy at all. 

If you want ideas on how to play with your little one just with the things around the house our FREE Playpower workshop might be the thing for you. ​

The first three years of childhood lay the foundation for your child’s lifelong wellbeing. What better way to bond, learn and grow than by playing with dad – with every day household items! 

Making the most of everyday moments from Birth to 3 Years – a FREE workshop especially for fathers, grandfathers and male carers.

Saturday 25th November 2017
9am-11am at Gardeners Rd Public School – Library
Gardeners Rd Entrance, Rosebery 2018

  • Build loving relationships with your children
  • Capitalise on daily routines in your family life
  • Play, have fun and relax with your children
  • Give positive responses to build self-esteem
  • Establish rituals that strengthen family bonds
  • Use repetition to support learning and development through repetition
  • Learn about early childhood and brain development, and
  • Get new ideas for play activities using everyday household items.
  • Take home $21 worth of FREE BOOKS packed with play ideas for you and your child.

Come along, meet other parents and share your parenting experiences. 

To register contact Bronwynn Jursik on 02 8338 8506 or via our Contact us page.

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