Buy a SECC Grocery Essentials pack

Feed a Family

Buy a SECC Food Relief Pack that can be picked up at The People’s Pantry.

The People’s Pantry is located at 1007 Botany Rd, Mascot (opposite Mascot Memorial Park).

Our food relief program is fuelled by donations from our community.

Our kitchen cabinets are stocked with essentials provided by locals, for locals.

This package includes up to 16 items, and includes a frozen meal, bread, and fresh fruit and vegetables.

Buy a SECC Grocery Essentials pack

Provide Baby Formula

Formula is needed by many of our mums.

This is an expensive product, and one they often can’t quite afford at the end of the week.

Baby formula is often hard to find, and our out of the price range of families who are struggling. 

But SECC is on the frontlines helping parents with the essentials they need. 

Can you help?

Buy a SECC Grocery Essentials pack

Nappies Needed Now

With the cost of living going up, many families are struggling.

One of the most common requests from those accessing our food relief program is for nappies. Disposable nappies and wipes are some of the most expensive items when raising a family. And when you’re facing food insecurity these can be unobtainable and out of your budget.

Can you help us supply nappies to help a local family? Donating to this campaign will see The People’s Pantry keep up stock levels of baby wipes and nappies in multiple sizes for those families in need.

Training videos

Help us Help Others Learn

Sometimes we hear from our clients that they need assistance in a very specific part of their life. They may need educational resources that aren’t currently accessible for them. Donations to this cause allow SECC to produce specific learning materials tailored to the community’s needs. For example, reproducing existing material to be bilingual and/or assist a marginalised cultural group.

Buy formula for your friends

Help us Buy Toiletries for The People’s Pantry

One of the most expensive components of operating The People’s Pantry is the inclusion of items such as shampoo, conditioner, sanitary and personal hygiene products. In addition, The People’s Pantry offers household cleaning products such as laundry powder and dishwashing liquid. Can you help?

Buy nappies for your neighbours

Purchase a Coffee Machine for our Community Project

The SECC Mobile Coffee Van needs a coffee machine as part of Stage 1 of a new community initiative. Can you help?

This initiative will include Pathways to Employment options, including barista training and workplace training. Our team will teach vulnerable youth how to prepare for the workforce with confidence.

Will you partner with us to create a better future for your community?

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