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South Eastern Community Connect exists because no one should be alone.

Our programs make a difference by connecting people.

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Please note: Our Eastlakes and Mascot offices are currently closed for your safety during the COVID-19 crisis, but most services are operating as normal. Call us, as always, on (02) 8338 8506 or (02) 7903 0607.

Do you need childcare in April?

Do you need childcare in April?

One million Australian families will benefit from free childcare during the pandemic, which means you can access our vacation care services at no charge.

Why Tina wants to build an aged care village one day

Why Tina wants to build an aged care village one day

Each week we spend five minutes getting to know a member of our team. This time we’re chatting with our lovely Aged Care Marketing Coordinator Tina Tung about her dream of building a village for seniors complete with cinema and restaurants.

Thank you to SECC for helping me find volunteering opportunities in the local community. It makes a big difference.


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