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Volunteer with South Eastern Community Connect

If you enjoy being busy, having fun, meeting new people, learning new skills and gaining work experience while making a difference in the community, then volunteering is the answer.

We always welcome new volunteers to our South Eastern Community Connect (SECC) team.

And there’s no such thing as “too little time”.

Every bit helps.

So how can you apply to become a SECC volunteer? Simply follow the steps below.

SECC volunteer awards and recognition

South Eastern Community Connect is passionate about recognising the contribution of its volunteers.

In addition to activities in National Volunteer Week (May) and International Volunteer Day (5 December), SECC has developed the Maisie Foster Volunteer Award to acknowledge its outstanding volunteers.

SECC is also a member of The Centre for Volunteering (Volunteering NSW), which ensures all its member organisations protect their volunteers via Volunteer Accident Insurance and adhere to Volunteering Australia’s National Standards for Volunteer Involvement.

For more information, see our Volunteering Brochure or contact Sue, our Volunteer Coordinator, on 02 8338 8506.

You can help create a better future for your community.

Donate to SECC today

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