Food Services & Shopping

To be well we need to eat well.

And we have a service dedicated to helping people do just that. 

Our staff and volunteers are at the shops and on the road five days a week to make sure our clients’ kitchens are well-stocked.

We offer a range of services to help make shopping and cooking easier. 

These include:​

  • Fruit & Vegetable Deliveries
  • ​Door-to-door Shopping Bus
  • One-to-one shopping with a support person
  • List shopping
  • Meal preparation in your home

These services are available at a subsidised rate.

Qualifying frail aged persons can request home delivery of fruit and vegetable boxes at a subsidised rate of $12. 

Fruit and vegetable boxes are also available to individuals with a disability under 65, at a non-subsidised rate of $20.

If you are a new client we will conduct a brief assessment to determine your needs and find the best service for you.

To find out more please contact SECC or see our brochures on Food ServicesCommunity Transport and Social Support.

Fruit & Vegetable Deliveries

South Eastern Community Connect delivers fresh produce right to your door.

We buy fresh, in-season produce, direct from local suppliers, and deliver it across Sydney to our elderly clients and those living with disability. 

We deliver fruit, vegetable or mixed boxes weekly or fortnightly at a cost of $12 a box, inclusive of delivery.

Shopping Bus

If you’re over 65 and like to do your own shopping – but transport is a hassle – our door-to-door shopping bus might be the right choice for you.

The bus can pick you up at home at a set time and take you to the shopping centre (either Eastlakes or Eastgardens). 

If you wish, we can also provide a volunteer to assist you with your shopping. 

You will have three hours at the shopping centre before the bus takes you and your shopping back home. 
The shopping bus runs every fortnight and costs you only $6.

One-to-one assisted shopping for over-65s

With this service you can do your own shopping with the support of one of our aged care workers. 

We’ll pick you up at home, help with your shopping, and take you and your groceries back home when we’re done. 

There’s a $12 fee for this weekly or fortnightly service.

List Shopping 

Want your shopping done? All you have to do is provide us with a list and the money needed to buy your groceries – plus a small fee. Contact us here for more information.

Meal preparation help for over-65s

If you’d like a hand preparing your food and cooking up your meals, we can help you.

One of our staff can visit you in your home and help you prepare your food at a cost of only $10 per two-hour session.

If you need a longer, three-hour session, the cost to you is only $15.

At South Eastern Community Connect, we’re here to help. Contact us here for more information on any of the above services.

If you’d like to enquire about our subsidised fruit and vegetable boxes, which are available to people who’ve registered on My Aged Care, call Tania on (02) 8338 8506 or email

Note: The fruit and veg box is $12 delivered to people who have a My Aged Care referral (for those accessing it who are under 65 it is $20). If you have a Home Care Package the price will differ and can be discussed with their provider.  Help with meal prep is $15 for a session (the session is 2 hours) and list shopping is the cost of the groceries plus $7 for the shopping and delivery service.

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