On Friday 4th December SECC hosted an evening showcasing creativity in south-east Sydney.



We immersed ourselves in writing, artworks and video, and showed our appreciation through a prize-giving ceremony at The SECC Community Hub in Mascot.

Thank you to everyone who made The Hub Creative Showcase: Stories of Place so special.

Congratulations to the worthy winners, and to all who shared their creative journey with us.

And the winners are: 

  • Individual 0-11yrs category – Artistic Merit – Wibbly Woo by Lilliana Thoroughgood
  • Individual 0-11yrs category – People’s Choice  – Sunset by Sathiyaa Vimal
  • Individual 12-24yrs category – Artistic Merit – What’s in a Name by Niranjana Ghosh
  • Individual 12-24yrs category – People’s Choice – If Wishes were Fishes by Ben Daly
  • Individual 25yrs+ category – Artistic Merit – Our Roots by Marcela Guajardo
  • Individual 25yrs+ category – People’s Choice – Me & Mine II by Eve Smith
  • Group category – Artistic Merit – Morning Sun by Coro Group
  • Group category – Artistic Merit – Under the Mulberry Tree by The SECC Mothers’ Circle


Other artworks to highlight:

Stories of Place brought out personal stories from community members, including Broken by Merrilie Skinner, True Identity by Odette Licha, Childhood by Purny Ahmed and What’s in a Name by Niranjana Ghosh.

Landscapes came to life in What do you notice by Jenni Illoski, King St, Mascot by Sabena Winston, and Autumn Metamorphosis by Kelina Bond.

Poetry included the evocative Clockwork Botany by Gavin Hanbridge, and depictions of the water were shown in Stairway of Curiosity by Hannah Lane, Silver Lining by Mark L, Maroubra mutual-ora-dial by Deborah Street, Whale Season by the SECC Mascot Messy Playgroup and Dropping in-to Becoming Learning – One of Our Six Seasons by SECC Mascot Garden Playgroup.

People’s Choice

We asked visitors to give their vote for an artwork they enjoyed the most or felt connected to. Perhaps it reminded them of something in their personal life or it inspired something. Every single artwork received an individual’s vote, which goes to show how subjective art can be.

It was exactly our aim for each attendee to feel touched by the artworks on display from community.


We had 31 submissions, with over 84 artists from the community sharing their Stories of Place.

This included children, young people, adults and seniors; individuals and groups.

Paintings, drawings, mixed media, photography, poetry, videos and sculptures came through the door, and close to 50 people attended on the night.

We made a banner together

The night was designed to be a journey through place.

Each attendee received a card where they were directed to either view the exhibition, join in the interactive art activities, or eat in the garden before finally meeting together for the award ceremony.

People loved that they got to have their say, paint a banner together and make their mark, and enjoy the company of community.

The Hub Creative Showcase Exhibition continues throughout Term 1 2021, so please drop by to have a look.

Enquiries for 2021 Showcase: (02) 7903 0607. 


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