Knowing first aid can save lives. For parents, learning the specific skills to treat a child in an emergency can save your child’s life and help prevent any lasting damage.

What many people with first aid skills are unaware of, however, is just how much first aid and CPR for children is different from first aid for adults.A young child’s body, bone structures and tissues, and the types of dangers they face are different than adults, and the techniques you use on an adult could in fact harm a baby or young child.

​When giving rescue breaths in infants and children, for example, tilting the head back as far as you would for an adult can cause injuries in a child.  
Even the procedure to get help is different for children. For adults you should call the ambulance before starting CPR. In children and infants you should start off CPR immediately before calling the ambulance. This is because children have more resilience than adults, and are better placed to go through recovery.
South Eastern Community Connect offers parents free first aid and CPR courses to ensure as many parents as possible are equipped with the knowledge and skills to respond correctly to a child in a medical crisis. 
Register today for our FREE CPR & First Aid Class for Parents on 02 8338 8506 

Wednesday 15 March
Wednesday 3rd May
10-12PM  Venue to be advised

There are limited child care places available at $10 per child – book your spot early!

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