The Council to Homeless Persons (CHP) has launched a campaign aimed at urging the Federal Government to commit more funding to social housing. 

The homelessness and housing affordability crisis has ramped up in recent months, and the Everybody’s Home campaign addresses this.

Incomes have also decreased since the end of JobKeeper and the reduction in JobSeeker.

The CHP is asking people to sign a petition to Treasurer Josh Frydenberg, urging him to expand social housing in order to balance the market.

Did you know…? 

More than a million low income Australians are in housing stress.

A small blow like a rent increase, can push those households into homelessness.

The most common reasons people seek the help of homelessness services are financial or housing crisis, or because they are fleeing family and domestic violence.

This issue impacts hundreds of thousands of Australians and their families. 290,500 Australians sought help from specialist homelessness services in 2019-20.

Building social housing will mean everyone will be able to stay housed when they hit tough times and the ability to bounce back from a setback, according to the CHP.

With homelessness expected to rise by nine per cent this year, it says immediate action is necessary.

To make your voice heard, please sign the petition now.

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