Exercise is vital for your physical and mental health.
That’s why SECC has launched a range of programs designed to keep you moving.
No matter what age you are.

Here’s a quick snapshot. Sign up today!

⭕️ Our Supported Playgroups offer an active play environment for little ones

⭕️ Our Tai Chi classes give proven methods to help you ‘go with the flow’ 

⭕️ Our $5 Park Fitness Program teaches ways to use the park gym equipment with the help of a personal trainer  

⭕️ Our morning Meditation Group helps you find focus for your day 

⭕️ Our Yoga-inspired Stretching Sessions for people aged 12-25 are sure to get young people study-ready 

⭕️ For Seniors we have Gentle Fitness or Yoga 

⭕️ And if you’re keen to try social drumming or dancing, there’s Drumming for Wellbeing or Indian Fusion Dance Classes 🎼

With so many of these classes free or only $5, why not give something new a try in Mascot?
Sign up via the links above, or call (02) 7903 0607 for more info. 
All programs are run at The SECC Community Hub (1007 Botany Rd, Mascot) except for some of our supported playgroups, and the $5 Park Fitness Program (which is held on Mondays and Thursdays in Eastlakes Reserve).

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