More Australians with high-level care needs who want to keep living at home will receive funding packages from the federal government.

An extra 10,000 older Australians who need high-level care will be given money to receive support at home, as part of a $552.9 million boost to federal government aged care funding.

The extra funding will be rolled out over the forward estimates – or up to mid-2022, with $287 million going towards the new home care packages.

Half of the new packages will involve payments of up to $33,000 per individual each year, while the other half – for older people with the greatest care needs – will involve payments of up to $50,250.

The extra packages, which will be available from early 2019, come after the government offered 20,000 more packages in the past year.

The latest Department of Health annual report put the total number of home care packages delivered in 2017/18 at about 100,000.

Senior Australians living at home with lower-level care needs will also have their costs reduced as part of the government’s funding windfall, through a reduction in their maximum daily fees.

Those requiring the lowest level of care will save $400 a year, while those with level two home care plans will save $200 annually and those with level three plans will save $100.

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Next year, 10,000 more people will be given home care packages.

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