Congratulations to Mrs Lu, one of our most dedicated volunteers who just celebrated her 80th birthday on December 6th.

Mrs Lu, a Chinese engineer, has been our volunteer Tai Chi teacher for nearly ten years. She migrated to Australia to join her son and family after she retired, and one of her first steps to make this new country her home was to join our English classes. From there she got to know South Eastern Community Connect and decided she wanted to give something back to the country she loves.

Many years ago, when doctors advised her that she needed a knee replacement, Mrs Lu turned to Tai Chi as an alternative and with diligence and skill she made a full recovery. She has been passing on this passion for Tai Chi for nearly a decade and helped many people to better health and well-being. She teaches our classes and reaches out to the community with demonstrations at our events.

Mrs Lu’s contribution is a great example of how a small group had brought the community together and has been recognised with certificates from the federal government.

Mrs Lu will celebrate the ten year anniversary of Tai Chi classes with a series of events in May.

Mrs Lu’s classes run Tuesdays and Wednesdays and cost $2 per session. They start again in late January – contact Mila for more information on 02 8338 8506.

Mrs Lu with some of the cards and recognitions she received for her 80th birthday, including cards from Ron Hoenig and Matt Thistlethwaite congratulating her on her special day.

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