The 2019 Maisie Foster Volunteering Award was presented to much-loved Board member Denise Wasley (right).

The UNSW Kingsford Legal Centre Office Manager has served on the Board for over 10 years, using her professional skills and insights to make SECC and the south-east community better and stronger.

“I am so honoured to receive this recognition as I am so proud to be associated with an organisation with such heart and strength,” Denise says.

“Every volunteer and staff member works every day to make people’s lives and our community better, healthier and stronger.

“SECC makes a difference and I love being a part of the SECC family.”


About the Maisie Foster Volunteering Award

Through a bequest from her estate, an award has been created in her honour.

Every year, the Maisie Foster Volunteer Award is given in appreciation of her commitment to the centre and her tireless work serving others.

The award is also designed to recognise the contribution volunteers regularly make to South Eastern Community Connect and the surrounding community.

To be eligible for nomination for the Maisie Foster Volunteer Award, a person must be a volunteer with South Eastern Community Connect.

Find the definition of Volunteering here, and for more information call our office on (02) 8338 8506.


Honour roll of past winners

2019 – Denise Wasley

2018 – Iris Knight

Iris was awarded the Maisie Foster Volunteer Award for her dedicated service baking cakes for the Beaconsfield lunch group, helping as a shopping assistant, and taking part in the inter-generational playgroup.

2017 – Beatriz Londono

Beatriz began as a volunteer in the Spanish cancer support group before moving on to assist with and then run Tai Chi classes for Spanish-speaking clients.

2016 – Frances Heming
Francis Heming received the Maisie Foster Award in recognition of many years of dedicated volunteering.

2015 – Yun Fang Lu & Min San Song
Mrs Yun Fang Lu & Mr Min San Song were awarded the Maisie Forster Award for many years of Tai Chi teaching.

2014 – Maureen Sale
In 2014, Maureen Sale was the recipient of the Maisie Forster Award for her work as a volunteer English teacher over many years.

2013 – Mai Ho
Mai Ho’s friendly disposition and invaluable help with general office duties has been much appreciated.

2012 – Luis Velez
Luis Velez made invaluable contributions to the cancer support group, Community Gardens project, and meditation group.

2011 – Pamela O’Reilly
Pamela O’Reilly was presented with the Maisie Foster Award as she retired as chairperson. Her hands-on approach and constant availability was much appreciated.

2010 – Maria Carter
Maria worked as a dedicated English teacher providing tutorials to people wanting to improve their English. She applied for a volunteer’s position in 2004 when she was 80 years old, as wanted to be useful while still capable. When asked if she was satisfied with her volunteer role, her answer was “Yes, I love to teach people”.

2009 – Priscilla Bonham-Carter
Priscilla was associated with us for many years; first as a member, then as an English teacher and later combining that with being a board member and sometime proofreader.

2008 – Greg Killeen
Greg has been living in the Botany Bay City Council area since 1978 and is an active member of several community, disability and government committees. He was our Chairman from 2008–2010.

2007 – Sharon Blunt
Sharon worked as Manager for Randwick Waverley Community Transport and was an active volunteer on the South Eastern Community Connect board.

2006 – Emilse ‘Betty’ Valius
Betty was a volunteer with South Eastern Community Connect since it first began, and in 2005/2006 moved to a role as facilitator for the Alegria group.

2005 – Elizabeth Beesley
Elizabeth is employed by Botany Council as the Community Services Manager and was a board member for many years.

2004 – Perlita Benhayon and Judith Kennedy
Perlita and Judith worked tirelessly as bus assistant volunteers and acted as liaisons between service users and South Eastern Community Connect staff.

2003 – Barbara Cairns
Barbara was a long-serving volunteer in the Botany LGA and she carried out a team leader role for the Dacey Gang social access bus group.

2002 – Marianne Lazar
Marianne volunteered for many years as a home visitor under our Social Support program. Her commitment to service users was widely regarded within the community.

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