Embrace the holidays while keeping routine and structure as much as possible.

Have the children involved in preparations and decorating or even making Christmas cards to send – make them feel included and responsible for a task or even helping you shop for Christmas cooking or baking, help make the Christmas pudding or cake, perhaps set the table and depending on age they could write a list of things to do or a shopping list.

If you don’t have a family tradition for the holidays, make one and include the children in the decision making of what it could be ( give them a couple of choices that you have already decided upon, these could be what to cook for dinner or how the family is spending their time on Xmas eve or the opening of 1 present on Xmas eve).

​Don’t forget to go with their strengths when deciding what they can help with) and this will boost their confidence and self-esteem and pride in their accomplishments as well as give everyone a Merry Christmas.

Bronwynn Jursik
Family support worker and
Positive Parenting Facilitator

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