Community Services

Community is what sets SECC apart. Our much-loved NFP is committed to making South East Sydney stronger through programs that build independence, personal wellbeing and quality of life. And we cater to a wide range of ages and demographics. Why not help us build a community people want to be part of? A community that’s attractively different? Let’s work together. Together in community.


SECC works in partnership with the Kingsford Legal Centre and the UNSW Tax Clinic to deliver a range of useful services. There are a number of other community initiatives on-the-go, including The People’s Pantry, our Reading Corner, and Form and Document Support. 

We’re on the move with a range of programs in online and in-person formats. From Indian Fusion Dancing to Yoga and Tai Chi, we have plenty of free or low-cost wellbeing, fitness and dance classes to choose from. 

SECC believes in learning that’s creative, dynamic and interactive. From Art Therapy to Community Gardening and Drumming for Wellbeing, we have something for everyone. Develop your passions with our education and skills training

You can help create a better future for your community.

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