The year will soon screech to a halt.

Leaving a trail of tears and fears behind.

But there is hope, even now.

It’s a choice to keep giving.

To embrace generosity in all its forms.

To live full and well

In light of all we’ve received.

It takes a special kind of defiance to give.

When you give, you show you’re not giving in – but giving out.

People who give do it despite their mood.

They’re not ruled by their emotions but driven by love.

There’s pressure in this world for us to chase our career at all costs.

Pressure to see partnering-up as life’s primary goal.

Pressure to make your own family everything, and your local community an afterthought.

Not that there’s anything wrong with a good career, or finding a life partner, or raising a family.

These are all wonderful things!

But giving out of your abundance – or the little you have – will satisfy you like nothing else.

When I give, I’m the one who receives so much more.

When you give, you’re making a difference you may never see.

But give anyway.

Giving helps balance out this topsy-turvy world, where the rich thrive and the poor struggle.

Give as only you can.

Give because it actually changes lives.

Give until you find the joy.

It’s there. You just need to look for it.

Will you give with us?

Select from our menu of Giving Choices as Giving Tuesday approaches.

Give to the work of SECC between now and Tuesday 1st December to make a difference in south-east Sydney.

We need funds to keep the wheels turning via our:

  • Food relief program for residents of social housing in Eastlakes and Mascot
  • Parenting skills training for single parents and people doing it tough.
  • Youth engagement programs for at-risk young people.
  • Support for seniors and people living with dementia.
  • Supported playgroups for parents needing casework support.
  • Community transport for seniors.
  • And much more.

Tell us which project you’d like to donate to on our donations page.

Thank you for giving with us.

Alison Leader, Communications Manager, SECC

Alison Leader


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