Do you have a tiny tot or preschooler?

We’d love for you to come and play, Wednesdays at Kensington Park Community Centre and Thursdays at Chifley Public School.

Our playgroups are run by a qualified early childhood educator, providing quality play and learning opportunities as well as a great way to get out of the house, meet other local parents and make new friends. You can even get your Blue Book assessments done free of charge.

During school term, 10AM – 12PM,
Wednesdays, Kensington Park Community Centre, starts February 21
Thursdays Chifley Public School, starts February 22
Cost is $3 plus a piece of fruit to share

​”Playgroups provide a welcome break from the daily routine of new parents. They are a brilliant way to connect with other parents in your neighbourhood and grow a local support network”, says Bronwynn Jursik, Team Leader Family and Children Services at South Eastern Community Connect.

“We are just finalising our program to offer play opportunities to boost children’s development and information for parents. As a special service, our playgroups also offer Blue Book assessments. Our parents love this service not just because it is free of charge, but because the assessment is being done by someone who truly knows the child, has spent time observing them play and has years of experience with children’s behaviour and development.”

This is the kind of service and care you won’t find in community playgroups that are organised by other parents. It is exclusive to what is called supported playgroups.

Supported playgroups – what’s the difference?

Unlike community playgroups, supported playgroups are run by a trained early childhood educator to foster the wellbeing of both children and their parents, together. There is government funding to provide extra support through trained staff, Blue Book assessments, referral services and qualified advice on topics like fussy eating, sleep or screen time.

These groups are particularly good for families who find it hard to feel included and benefit from community playgroups. These are often families with particular needs or vulnerabilities, such as families from linguistically and culturally diverse backgrounds, families who are socially isolated or disadvantaged or are experiencing health issues or disabilities.

For parents in these circumstances, having a designated go-to person in what might otherwise seem like a closed club, can be the ice breaker they need to make the most of playgroup’s opportunities: meet other local parents and share experiences while children play, learn and socialise.

Does that mean it’s only for families with additional needs? Absolutely not! Supported playgroups celebrate diversity. They provide a colourful environment to stimulate your child’s development, are a treasure trove of parenting tips and ideas and a platform to forge friendships and social networks with people who you might otherwise never meet.

Best of all, these are your local groups with people from your neighbourhood – share ideas for the best local activities for toddlers, get recommendations on child-friendly services, the best playgrounds and all those insider tips that make your community the best place to raise your family.

Come and play!

SECC playgroups:

Mondays, 10AM – 12PM, Monday Playgroup, Gardeners Road Public School
Tuesdays, 10AM – 12PM, Multicultural Playgroup, Eastlakes Public School
Wednesdays, 10AM – 12PM, Kensington Park Community Centre, starts February 21
Thursdays, 10AM – 12PM, Chifley Public School, starts February 22

Cost: $3 plus a piece of fruit to share
​All playgroups run during school term only. ​

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