So you’ve heard that volunteering’s a good thing, but haven’t quite gotten around to doing anything about it…

That’s understandable! It can be tough to find the extra time if you already have one or more paid jobs, go to uni, have family obligations, and are trying to squeeze in time for yourself as well.

So if your schedule is crunched, why not look for ways to combine some of your other activities with community service?

For example, consider doing it with a friend or family member you want to spend time with, or look for volunteer opportunities that will boost your resume and your chances to finding employment when you graduate.

Many of our paid staff here at South Eastern Community Connect were once volunteers – which shows volunteering is a great way to showcase your skills and remain front-of-mind when a company is looking to hire.

Volunteering isn’t just an investment in your community and in other people – it’s also an investment in yourself.

When you contribute your time and enthusiasm to a cause, you provide great benefits to others.

But there are many personal benefits that we often overlook.

Why Volunteer? 20 benefits to you

Here are just some of the major advantages to taking part in community service:

  1. Learn practical new skills and improve your existing ones
  2. Boost your communication skills
  3. Build leadership and teamwork skills
  4. Gain insights into your own strengths and weaknesses
  5. Develop new interests and passions
  6. Meet new people with similar interests
  7. Make meaningful new friendships
  8. Connect with professionals who may have opportunities for you now or in the future
  9. Build your resume with valuable experience and proof of character
  10. Discover an unexpected career path
  11. Enjoy a change of scene
  12. Get some additional physical activity
  13. Become more stimulated and engaged with life
  14. Reduce your stress levels
  15. Improve your mood, outlook, and general satisfaction
  16. Feel pride and boost your self-esteem for doing some good
  17. Experience a powerful sense of purpose
  18. Find creative inspiration
  19. Further causes you believe in
  20. Expose yourself to different people from different walks of life.

If you’re keen to start volunteering, we have plenty of opportunities now available. Simply head to our volunteering page, and line up an interview with our friendly coordinator Sue this week.

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