Ever wondered who’s working behind the scenes at South Eastern Community Connect (SECC)? Well, in our new weekly series, we’ll be introducing you to each of the staff that make SECC what it is. Our first interview is with Rekkha.

Hello Rekkha. What’s your role within SECC?

I’m the Nominated Supervisor for the two Out Of School Hours services run by SECC. The OOSH services are run at Gardeners Road Public School and Eastlakes Public School, and are called SMOOSH (Safe Multicultural Out Of School Hours).

What do you like most about your job?

The personal joy and satisfaction I get from the children, and seeing how we contribute to each other’s lives. It’s an experience that moves and inspires me every day. Knowing I’ve made a positive impact in the life of a child is an amazing opportunity and experience.

What’s the best thing about the service you offer?

We have a ‘family’ feel in our service, with continuity of staff who come from diverse backgrounds and speak the local language.

What’s one of your biggest hopes for our local community?

That there is a conscientious approach to conserving water and promoting a sustainable environment for a better future.

And on a more serious note, what’s your all-time favourite dessert and why?

My all-time favourite dessert is Carrot Halwa, which is an Indian dessert made from carrots, sugar and clarified butter. It’s my favourite, as I can justify indulging myself by having a guilt-free pleasure.

Find out more about our SMOOSH service here, and follow us on Facebook for regular updates on our wide range of family services in the Eastlakes community and beyond.


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