There aren’t many viewers who haven’t shed a tear over the new ABC documentary series Old People’s Home for 4 Year Olds.

The show charts the unique social experiment that brings together elderly people in a retirement community with a group of four-year-olds.

It’s gripping, emotive viewing – and really highlights the power of young and old coming together in friendship.

With everyone talking about the show – and recognising the importance of these kinds of community connections – we decided to apply for a Grandparents Grant as part of NSW Grandparents Day to run something similar.

We were successful, and recently launched a group which combines the kids from Mascot Childcare Centre with our Tuesday Seniors’ Group.

In partnership with Bayside Council, the group is running over several mornings at The SECC Community Hub, and so far it’s proving a worthwhile experience for all.

Above: Our seniors’ group with children from Mascot Childcare Centre; and a visit from Junkyard Beats. 

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