Need to cut costs? Here’s our guide to handy services and rebates for households across NSW.

1. NSW Energy Support: Compare Energy Plans
Energy Made Easy is an energy price comparison service for households and small businesses.

2. Family Energy Rebate
This rebate helps families receiving the Family Tax Benefit with electricity costs. You can access either $20 or $180 per financial year.

3. NSW Gas Rebate
This rebate helps concession card holders with their gas costs. It is currently $110 per annum for households and $121 per annum for bottled gas or on-supply households.

4. Low Income Household Rebate
Are you are a concession card holder with electricity costs mounting up? You can access either $285 per annum (for households) and $313.50 per annum (for on supply households). Find out more here.

5. Seniors Energy Rebate
The NSW Seniors Energy Rebate is available for eligible self-funded retirees to help cover the cost of their electricity. Gas accounts are not included. The rebate is $200 per household, per financial year.

6. Energy Accounts Payment Assistance (EAPA) vouchers
EAPA vouchers help people experiencing a short-term financial crisis or emergency with their electricity and gas bills. Currently up to $400 off Gas and $400 off electricity, which can be accessed twice per year.

7. Life Support Energy Rebate
This rebate is for NSW customers who need, or have someone living with them who needs to use approved energy-intensive medical equipment at home. The equipment must be essential for supporting life, such as home dialysis, cpap, ventilators and oxygen concentrators.

8. Medical Energy Rebate
This rebate is for NSW customers who have an inability to self-regulate body temperature when exposed to extreme hot or cold environmental temperatures. To be eligible for the rebate, you’ll need to have a diagnosis that you’re unable to self-regulate your body temperature. Between $285-$313.50 is available per annum.

  • You can also use this handy Savings Finder to search for other ways to cut costs or book a service time with Service NSW here.
  • For more information on SECC’s free or low-cost community services, call us on (02) 8338 8506 or (02) 7903 0607.

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