Community grows stronger through the hundreds of little and big actions people take every day. Browse this list for things you or your family have  participated in in the past year or so, and pick some new ones for 2017.

  1. Invite neighbours over for a meal
  2. Attend a political meeting
  3. Support local business
  4. Volunteer
  5. Work in a community garden
  6. Mentor a person of a different ethnic group
  7. Surprise a new or favourite neighbour by taking them food
  8. Avoid destructive gossip or help someone else avoid it
  9. Attend local school or children’s athletics, plays, & recitals
  10. Get involved with scouts or little athletics
  11. Sing in a choir
  12. Attend a party in someone else’s home
  13. Get to know the salespeople at your local stores
  14. Attend a lecture or concert
  15. Play games with neighbours
  16. Walk or bike to support a cause and meet others
  17. Participate in a campaign
  18. Attend a local festival or event
  19. Find a way to show personal appreciation to someone who builds your local community
  20. Offer to help a neighbour with garden work, shopping or a ride
  21. Start or participate in a discussion group or book or film club
  22. Start or join a carpool
  23. Plan a “Walking Tour” of a local historic area
  24. Tutor or read to children or have children read to you
  25. Run for public office
  26. Host a party
  27. Form a walking or exercise group & encourage each other
  28. Play a sport
  29. Ask an elder or a young person to teach you something
  30. Take dance lessons with a friend
  31. Gather a group to clean up the local park
  32. Bake something for neighbours or work colleagues
  33. Plant trees
  34. Call an old friend
  35. Sign up for a class & meet your classmates
  36. Accept or extend an invitation
  37. Log off and go to the park
  38. Say hello to strangers
  39. Find out more by talking with a neighbour you don’t know very well yet
  40. Host a movie night
  41. Help out with or create a newsletter
  42. Collect oral histories to discover the interesting things people have done
  43. Cut back on TV & interact with people instead
  44. If you think someone needs help, ask to find out & do what you can
  45. Fix it even if you didn’t break it
  46. Pick up litter even if you didn’t drop it
  47. Attend gallery openings & art exhibits
  48. Organize a neighbourhood garage sale
  49. Read or listen to the local news regularly
  50. Attend a public meeting or hearing & speak up
  51. Offer to watch a neighbour’s home while they are away
  52. Ask to see a friend’s photos
  53. Start talking to people you see regularly
  54. Listen to the children you know and find out what matters to them
  55. Plan a reunion of family, friends, or people with whom you had a special connection
  56. Hire local young people for odd jobs
  57. Write a letter to the editor
  58. Join a group with people of different ethnicity, or religion, or income or life experience – one of our many classes would be perfect!
  59. Check off your bucket list with us!​ At South Eastern Community Connect we have a huge range of programs and events for you to grow your community.

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