Botany resident Helen Jenkins* shares the story of how she built her life up again after her son convinced her to move all the way across Sydney.

“My life changed when my son convinced me to move from my comfortable home in St Mary’s in Sydney’s west to Botany.

He said it would be good for me to move closer to him because I’d have family nearby to help me out.

So I reluctantly shifted from my three-bedroom townhouse to a much smaller home, at great expense.

I have several medical conditions which make it hard to look after myself. But sadly, my son hasn’t spoken to me since I moved, despite my efforts to make contact.

Helen Jenkins lives alone, with a range of medical conditions such as macular degeneration.

Time to reach out

Not long ago I got in touch with My Aged Care and someone helped me fill out the paperwork. I looked at a number of Home Care Service providers but South Eastern Community Connect (SECC) was ticking all the boxes in terms of what I needed.

I’d been using some of their services already for a couple of years, and I trusted them.

So I sat down with Irene and Lili from SECC and had a long chat about what would help. We talked about things like shopping and social visits, and transport to medical appointments. It all started to come together.

You get a feeling from the people you’re speaking with, and I got a good feeling from my chat with them.

Now SECC is my Home Care Package provider.

A family I can call on

SECC is like having a family you can call on. For example, Irene calls me every day to check I’m doing OK.

When you don’t have relatives looking out for you this kind of support makes a big difference.

SECC is not just a community thing – it’s a family thing.”

For more info on our Home Care Package services, click here.

*Name changed to protect our client.

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