• Do you have a lap and cuddles to spare?
  • Do you have room for a four legged friend?
  • Would you like to have a pet but can’t commit to years of responsibility?


Then fostering a pet might be for you, and there are hundreds of cats and dogs looking for a home every day. We would like to help you find your perfect match.

South Eastern Community Connect and Maggies Rescue are teaming up to find foster homes for dogs and cats in need and companion pets for seniors.

A lap instead of a cage

Life in a shelter cage, surrounded by other caged animals with little human contact, can be very stressful for cats and dogs alike, and those that do not get adopted will often be put down.

At the same time, caring for a furry friend has many benefits for people as well.

Maggies Rescue is a not for profit animal rescue group that does not run a shelter. Their rescue animals live in foster homes, where they can move freely, enjoy the company of people and have a peaceful place of their own. They can live the life of a family pet until they get adopted into their forever homes.

To foster a pet means to look after it in your home until someone adopts it into their forever home. Older cats and dogs, that have limited chances of being adopted can live out their lives in a  loving foster home.

Maggies Rescue covers all vet cost and provides ongoing support and advice for its carers, the foster carer provides love and food and pats.

Why foster?

  • You can save a life.
  • You can bring comfort to an unwanted pet.
  • You can enjoy the company of a pet without the long term responsibility of ownership.
  • All vet costs are covered.
  • If you fall in love with your foster pet you can adopt.

Why foster an older cat or dog?

Many senior pets become homeless due to no fault of their own. They are often calm, much loved pets whose owners can no longer look after them. Despite being the perfect, undemanding companion, older cats and dogs have limited chances of being adopted.


For these animals Maggies Rescue runs the Sanctuary Program.  Foster carers take in an older cat or dog for the rest of the pet’s life, without the fear of vet bills. Maggies Rescue, through donations, can cover the cost of ageing in the animal. All you need to do is provide a caring, loving home.

“Without foster carers we can’t rescue. If we have 100 carers we can save 100 lives”, says Dora from Maggies Rescue. “It is a big privilege to look after an animal, and our foster carers are our lifeline.”

If you feel like you can help, please contact our CEO, Kate Melhopt on 02 8338 8506.

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