Over 65 and ready to connect with your community?

Perhaps you or your family member is wanting to join a bus trip. Or go shopping with one of our care workers. Or have a break from your caring responsibilities. We’re here for you!

There are two steps you need to take before using our services:

  1. Call My Aged Care on 1800 200 422
  2. Request the referral code for the service(s) you need. Please see below for the list of service types.

    : You will need a separate referral code for each type of service, so you may be requesting multiple codes.

We can help with the following service types for people over 65:

  • Community Transport (social bus trips and outings. This is generally a pick-up and drop-off service). Ask for a code for “social support group”.
  • Social Support Groups (attendance at The Cottage Dementia Day Centre). Ask for a code for “social support group”.
  • Medically Related Transport (trips to the doctor and other medical appointments). Ask for a code for “CT”.
  • One-on-one support (support in your home or in the community. Please note this does not include personal care/ support with showering). Ask for a code for “social support individual”.
  • Flexible Respite (Individual support provided to enable you, the primary carer, a break from your caring responsibilities. Ask for a code for “flexible respite”.
  • Food Services (Home delivery of fresh fruit and vegetable boxes or meal prep support at home). Ask for a code for “food services > other food services > meal preparation”.
  • Home Care Packages (Individualised packages of support). Ask for a code for “home care packages”.

Note: Our transport service area does overlap with areas covered by other Community Transport providers, so there may be cases in which members are already registered with other providers.

If this is the case, please contact Irene at SECC prior to contacting MAC to discuss your individual situation.

For more information, call Irene at SECC on (02) 8338 8506.

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