Thanks to our generous sponsor, Rotary Club of Maroubra, we were able to run the RAGE Anger Management Program at the SECC Community Hub in Mascot recently. 

The course started on Wednesday 19th October and ran for four weeks. Each session ran for 90 minutes, led by our Family and Community Worker Juliette Herrera.

There were five participants between from ages 10 to 14 who faced barriers such as family breakdowns, domestic violence, child protection, trauma, and interactions with the police.

Following some initial resistance, the students began opening up and came consistently to every session. They engaged very well in the program.

Thanks to the investment, of our sponsor Rotary Club of Maroubra, the children felt special, and this increased their self-worth.

“They wanted to learn about anger and how to manage it,” said Juliette.

“I don’t think they have ever felt so special and heard, and that’s due to the support of Rotary.

“This has been a successful program as the children also formed friendships with each other and did not want the program to end.

“There was a definite shift in their behaviour.”

SECC is so grateful, and thanks Rotary Maroubra for the positive impact they have had on these young people in our community.

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