Local resident Penny Dalton knows first-hand the benefits of giving back.

Following retirement, the former PE teacher was looking for ways to contribute.

Then she spoke to her friend, who was working as a volunteer toy doctor for SECC.

Interested in meaningful work, she got in contact with Volunteer Coordinator Sue Ohanian.

Soon, she was on the team helping with fruit and vegetable packing.

Now she’s been with SECC for six years, filling a variety of roles.

volunteer profile

Our beautiful volunteer receptionist Penny Dalton.


She has assisted clients with their grocery shopping, helped teach parents English…

And now works as a volunteer receptionist.

Of all the roles she’s filled, Penny most enjoyed teaching new Australians.

In this position, she saw the students make real strides with their language skills.

“Teaching English, I learnt a lot about the difficulties people go through when they come to Australia,” Penny says.

“It gave me a real insight into the challenges they face, and it felt good to support them.”

Penny also enjoys the interactions she has behind the reception desk at Eastlakes Shopping Centre.

“I’ve met so many people who are wonderful to be around,” she says.

“SECC staff work extra hard for the community, and I love supporting them.”

Thank you, Penny, for all you’ve done for SECC over the last six years.


Interested in volunteering with us? Head here.

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