Have you learned any new skills these last few months? While we were in lockdown, Sophia Morris started making bread. Here, she shares some of the recipes she enjoyed.


1. Focaccia that makes itself

This focaccia recipe was featured on the Netflix show Salt Fat Acid Heat. It’s incredibly easy and tasty. All you need is some time for it to rest overnight and it pretty much makes itself. You can also add toppings such as olives and rosemary.

2. No-knead magic

Another really low-effort recipe is this one for no-knead bread. Like the name suggests, it’s bread that you don’t have to knead. You just combine all the ingredients and let the dough rest overnight.

Above: Traditional Jewish challah.

3. The challah challenge

If you’re looking for something more challenging, I definitely recommend this challah recipe. Although kneading the dough nearly killed me, the finished product was definitely worth it. If you’ve never tried challah, it’s a traditional Jewish bread that’s similar to brioche in its sweetness.

4. Addictive scones

This last recipe isn’t actually bread – it’s a savoury scone. But, it’s super easy and delicious. I made them twice in one week!

Sophia Morris is a journalist and weekly writer for South Eastern Community Connect. For more articles like this, subscribe to our newsletter.

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