The arrival of My Aged Care is a major change to the aged care sector, with clients, not-for-profit organisations and commercial providers still finding their way around the new system.

By September 2017, in keeping with the changes in our sector, South Eastern Community Connect will be adding Home Care Packages to its services.

Through your Home Care Package the Government pays for the services you need to live independently at home.  The choice of services is yours so you can get all the support you need and only the support you need in a way that suits your personal situation.

With this high level of choice and flexibility comes complexity, which can at first be confusing for you. We can talk your options through with you to help you find the best support and help you understand the process of applying for the funding.

​When you are ready and know whether you are eligible, what you would like to access and what you need for the application, you will need to call My Aged Care and for an assessment. The Aged Care Assessment Team/Service (ACAT/S) will help you and your carer or family determine what kind of care will best meet your needs. You can then ask for a referral to a provider of your choice.

South Eastern Community Connect can already provide package services including;

  • Transport​
  • Social support to take you to the shops or the bank or just to visit you at home
  • Food services such as delivering, preparing and storing food and cooking meals
  • Flexible respite

In the following weeks we will also implement;

  • Domestic assistance for things like cleaning, laundry, ironing
  • Dog walking
  • Assistance with personal care such as  bathing or showering, dressing, hair care and going to the toilet
  • Gardening
  • Home maintenance (minor general repairs)
  • Home modification like alarms, ramps and support rails
  • Nursing care  and help in taking your medications

Packages come in levels reflecting your care needs, from Level 1 for people with basic care needs to Level 4 for people with high level care needs.

All packages give you to access the same quality and services, but with each level the number of support hours increases.

There are also supplements for people with dementia and for veterans with an accepted mental health condition are available with any of the four levels of Home Care Packages. Your care provider will apply for the subsidies and ensure you meet the eligibility criteria.

Why choose us?

South Eastern Community Connect is a registered Home Care Package provider.
Whether it is help walking your dog, cleaning or doing the laundry, transport or shopping – whatever you need to keep living an independent life in your own home, we can help.

  • We are not-for-profit, operating only to provide excellent care and quality service to support your independence and well-being
  • We have a clean bill of health with a score of 100% in the government’s Aged Care Quality Review (December 2016), giving you peace of mind about our policies, ethics and best practice operations.
  • We are big enough to provide continuity of care, yet small enough to be client centred, with our focus on yours and your family’s needs
  • We are local, with our staff living in your community and speaking your language. In fact, our staff and volunteers speak 13 languages.

Call us today to discuss your needs on 02 8388 8506
Then phone My Aged Care to apply for your Home Care Package 1800 200 422

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