Before COVID-19, one in four Australians reported feeling lonely at least one day a week.

And experts are expecting those numbers to rise dramatically in 2020.

Michelle Lim, for example, a senior lecturer in clinical psychology at Swinburne University, is conducting a global study on the impact of loneliness during the pandemic.

One in 10 Australians currently lack social support, and a “loneliness epidemic” could be our next public health crisis.

That is unless we tap into the rich resources found in neighbourhood centres.

South Eastern Community Connect is one such centre, and this week we’re celebrating all the ways we’re fighting isolation with Neighbourhood Centre Week.

Want to share one way you’ve appreciated SECC’s work in the local community?

Send your response, in 50 words or less, to Alison for your chance to win a $50 Visa voucher.


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