PictureSue Ohanian, Volunteer Coordinator

 Our volunteers make our world go around and at the moment we have about 80 people in 20 different roles donating their time to support our community.

At South Eastern Community Connect we have a huge range of volunteer roles. There are those who work directly with people, from home visitors in our aged care programs to playgroup volunteers who support families with young children. On the other end of the spectrum we have volunteers who deliver hands on tasks like office work, packing our fruit and vegetable deliveries or toy doctors who fix the toys for our toy library. Some people come in once a week, some might help at a specific event once a year.

This is the week we celebrate all that these people do for our community, for our organisation and for the staff and clients they support.

Do you feel like volunteering might be for you?

Check out our current volunteer positions and see if there is anything that might be right for you. Can’t see anything that fits? Give me a call and talk about how you can help create a strong, healthy community where everyone belongs.

Whatever your skills, whatever amount of time you can give, if you want to support your community we have a role for you.

Thank you for everything you do.

Sue Ohanian

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