Become a Fundraiser

How to become a crowd-funding superhero in 8 steps

1. Plan to succeed

Firstly, do your research. Look at what other projects people are working on and which ones are working well.

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel.

Work out what your ‘script’ is and use it from A to Z of your campaign.

Know your why, your what, and your how.

Tell your story and don’t be afraid to use emotional language.

2. Set your goal

Make a budget. What funds do you need for this project?

Specify timeline goals and production goals right at the start.

Give yourself at least three weeks to design and distribute your marketing material.

Think through how much you need to make your project happen and be realistic.

Plan out your time, and consider that the average crowdfunding campaign takes an hour a day to do well.

3. Describe your project

AIm to tell a story which captures hearts.

Be clear. Be brief. Use visuals.

People will often just look at the first paragraph or two, so start with the most vital info.

Share your budget to reassure supporters how the money will be spent.

4. Offer recognition

People like it when you acknowledge them publicly. Thank them on Facebook and other platforms.

5. Video yourself

Be emotive. Make people laugh. Tug on heartstrings. Excite. Inspire. Fascinate. Make them feel something through a quick personal video about your project.

6. Spread the word

Once you’ve published your project, start spreading the word. Share about it on social media, with family and friends, on blogs… everywhere you can! The wider your reach, the more potential you have for investors to see it.

7. Communicate openly

Communicate with your investors throughout the entire process to keep them informed and build trust. Be as open and transparent as possible without giving them every minute detail.

8. Follow through

Make sure you fulfil all the promises you made during your campaign. This will build credibility and help avoid disappointment.

Remember to have fun and enjoy making a difference!

You can help create a better future for your community.

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