If you’ve been looking for ways to live more sustainably, Randwick City Council’s Eco Living Online could be for you. Beginning on Friday 18th September, the weekend-long online event aims to give you all the info you need to be more environmentally friendly at home. Sophia Morris reports.

The full program is here. Some of the events include:

1. Sustainability is magic

Magician Adam Axford engages kids through interactive magic, teaching them about sustainability along the way.

2. How to save energy at home

A free webinar filled with tips on how to use less energy while cooking, working and studying from home and making your home more efficient.

3. Climate change wisdom

Dr Karl Kruszelnicki speaking about climate change and offering insights into how we could get to net-zero emissions.

4. Tips for dealing with unwanted household items

This Zoom workshop will teach you how to sustainably deal with items you no longer want or need.


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