As a former counsellor, Patricia knows the importance of helping people build better lives.

But now, in her later years, she’s on the receiving end of help that gives her own life richness and meaning.

The effervescent 88-year-old is an enthusiastic participant in South Eastern Community Connect’s Community Transport Program and One-to-One Assisted Shopping Service, and says these make a big difference in her life.

“The team that helps me are absolutely invaluable – Lili, Irene and Nick are a wonderful help,” Patricia says.

“Nick helps me greatly with my shopping – and even notices the little things such as when my gate is open and needs shutting.

“I love the transport service that’s offered as well – it all helps with keeping me social.

“It’s sad that people don’t realise how important it is to keep interacting with your community.”

Patricia also gets herself to the gym twice a week and makes sure she goes on as many outings as possible.

“If I didn’t I’d be in a wheelchair – you need to keep moving and socialising.”

If you think you or someone who know might be in need of some help with transport, shopping, or general support, call our office on (02) 8338 8506 and we’ll send someone out to assess your needs.


Patricia loves the services South Eastern Community Connect offers her.

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