In our special weekly series, we introduce you to each of the staff that make South Eastern Community Connect (SECC) what it is. Today we get to know our new multi-tasking community transport expert Stuart Mynard.

Hi Stuart. What’s your role within SECC?

I’m the community transport coordinator. I connect our clients with transport services such as group bus trips and flexible transport.

What do you like most about your job?

I love helping people get to where they want to go and stay connected with their community.

Our new Community Transport Coordinator Stuart Mynard.

In one sentence, what’s the best thing about the service you offer?

I offer flexible and convenient transport options for people so they can get to where they need to, and go out and about to enjoy their local area.

What’s one of your biggest hopes for our local community?

I hope we can grow and build the community transport services we offer and keep doing the things clients enjoy.

And on a more serious note, what’s your all-time favourite dessert?

Crème Brulee is my favourite dessert. There’s nothing like the satisfying crack of breaking open a well-made crème brulee and discovering the delicious custard underneath.

For more information on our community transport services, click here.

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