If you pop into the SECC office on a Monday there’s a good chance you’ll come across the friendly face of Kevin, our resident Justice of the Peace (JP).

Kevin has been working for SECC for over two years, and is ready and willing to sign statutory declarations and affidavits, as well as certify copies of original documents as needed.

While it’s recommended you book an appointment first on (02) 8338 8506, you can also pop in and see if Kevin’s free.

He’s available between 10am and 1.30pm every Monday.

Kevin first had an interest in becoming a JP when he was working at Hurstville Library and saw people lining up for the JP’s services.

He decided to go about becoming qualified as a JP and soon joined the SECC volunteer team.

Ability Links helped Kevin, a former accountant, connect with SECC after a period of looking for suitable work.

“When you have a disability it’s hard to find a job, but now I have one that gives me value,” he says.

“I like being able to help people with their important documents.”

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