If you press the doorbell at The SECC Community Hub in Mascot, the first face you’ll see is Emily Simpson’s.

Emily has stepped into the new role of Reception and Administration Support Worker at The Hub. She is doing a great job keeping everything – and everyone – organised.

She has a background in both administration and graphic design, and is the perfect fit for the role.

Emily is the brains behind many of the designs on Harlequin School Bags and has a lot to offer SECC as well.

New staff member Emily Simpson.


She recently completed a Certificate 4 and Diploma in Community Services.

She’s had experience with young people, seniors, and people with a disability. She loves interacting with the community.

“Many of our face-to-face programs have re-started and it’s been nice getting to know people. I’ve been able to get a sense of who accesses our services,” Emily says.

Emily is anticipating a rich journey ahead with SECC.

“I like to learn and grow in my work, and I’m looking forward to all the future holds,” she says.

Need a question about SECC answered? Call the team in Mascot on (02) 7903 0607 or email Emily at hubadmin@secc.sydney.

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