Dimitrios Papalexis believes creativity plays a key role in boosting mental health.

He’s seen great outcomes for people on the verge of suicide who’ve been able to tap into creative activities such as theatre, art and dance.

Recently appointed as our new Community Strengthening Team Leader, Dimitrios has been involved in such initiatives as the suicide prevention program Mindblank, as well as Playback Theatre, and is passionate about fighting mental illness through strength-based community development.

Dimitrios has worked in both mental health and disability sectors, including with Partners in Recovery, Ability Links and Carers NSW.

A dramatic approach

Dimitrios has seen first-hand the effectiveness of psychodrama, which helps clients use spontaneous dramatisation and role playing to investigate and gain insight into their lives.

“It’s wonderful to see people use their imagination and creativity to understand more about themselves,” he says.

Dimitrios looks forward to implementing a range of evidence-based programs out of our Mascot Community Hub in the near future.

“I like to help empower individuals to be more involved in their community by tapping into their unique strengths and passions,” he says.

Dimitrios Papalexis has also been a counsellor in Brazil, and is originally from Greece, so he has much to offer our diverse community. The father-of-one speaks English, Greek, Portuguese and Spanish, just to add to his wide range of skills.

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