Cooking need not be a chore, and healthy food can be tasty. Liliana Martinez is here to prove it! The experienced cook provides the latest addition to our food services, an in-home meal preparation services for the elderly and people living with disabilities.

“Yes, a lot of my work is about assisting with the physical tasks of preparing produce, or lifting pots  on and off the stove, but there is so much more to my job.”

As we get older or take certain medications our nutritional needs change. Seniors or those with certain health conditions need a different balance of nutrients to ensure physical and mental health.

“Some of our clients have difficulties processing certain foods, and for some their sense of smell and taste may be weaker than it used to be, which makes standard recipes less enjoyable.”

“I am not just an ordinary cook. I prepare meals with all those factors in mind. I get to know my clients and prepare meals especially for them that they will enjoy.”
Lilian’s clients also have the choice of using other services of South Eastern Community Connect to meet their needs in the kitchen.

“Shopping is a chore at the best of times, and when your mobility isn’t the best, a helping hand with the groceries is much appreciated.”

South Eastern Community Connect offers a range of support to suit their clients varying needs: 

  • Fruit and Vegetable deliveries bring boxes of fresh, in-season produce right to your door.
  • The Shopping Bus lets you do your own shopping but we provide the door to door transport.
  • One to one assisted shopping is right if you can do your own shopping with the support of one of our aged and disabilities workers.
  • With our List Shopping service you can telephone or email us your own shopping list and we’ll do the shopping for you.

And whichever shopping service you choose, if any, the meal preparation service is available to help you cook up the most delicious, nutritious meals, ready to stock up your freezer.

Back in the kitchen, Liliana is enjoying quality time with her client.

“I love my work because I love food, and there is nothing more comforting than sharing a laugh while preparing a meal. My clients join in the cooking and keep me company, and at the end of the day I think the chats we have are almost as important as the meals I leave in the freezer.”

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