Clio Doughty lives by the principle that creativity builds communities.

SECC’s new Family and Community Support Worker has a wealth of wisdom when it comes to art and nature therapy.

In her opinion, art and nature can help build social connections.

“In my workshops, a pathway of healing emerges through creativity as they connect with nature and others,” Clio says.

“My favourite art practices are weaving with local natural materials such as plants; and eco-dyeing.”

Clio draws on her studies and experience in art therapy, nature therapy, fine arts, art theory, children’s yoga, sustainability and cultural studies.


Clio Doughty outside The SECC Community Hub in Mascot.


“For me, creativity is responding and adapting to change,” she says.

“It is inquiring into all our connections to draw meaning and action.”

Clio weaves outdoor experiences

One of Clio’s best experiences to date was running a family bush camp.

Participants experienced communal-style living and nature-based education.

“The week-long community event involved teaching people weaving and primitive earth skills, including shelter building,” she says.

Clio managed several mentors for camp, who each play a vital role in bringing their unique gifts to weaving the community together for children’s play, adults learning and emotional support.

Support for those who need it most

Clio has always believed in “catching people on the edges”.

She wants to help vulnerable people of all ages with the right supports.

She has also worked to train people in the workplace on self-care.


Clio paints a new blackboard for The SECC Community Hub.

A new family at SECC

In her role at SECC, Clio supports families, young people and other members of the growing community.

“Everyone here is so supportive and warm,” she says.

“We all offer a unique set of gifts.

“At SECC there’s a strong avenue for me to be of service to the community, and I’m looking forward to all that 2020 brings.”

Head to our YouTube channel for a video on Clio and her work.

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