I had a moment the other day.


A moment which didn’t feel quite right.


I was putting the Christmas lights up, and dreaming about the gifts I was going to get my family… when I had a sinking feeling.


I was temporarily reminded that this was not everyone’s experience.


There are families in my very neighbourhood who are struggling to make ends meet.


Who aren’t putting lights up, or writing lists, or anything like that.


Real people with hard stories


These are real people, with hard stories.


There’s Kat*, who’s just gone through a horrendous break-up with her partner of seven years. He was unable to beat his alcohol addiction, and just can’t be a father anymore. Kat and her two kids are barely surviving – let alone drawing up wish-lists of presents.


Then there’s Mona*, who’s in her late fifties and lost her job as a receptionist back in June. She loved the work, and the people, but the business was losing profits fast and went under. Since then, she hasn’t been able to recover financially and Christmas is looking bleak.


And consider Byron*. He’s 13, and his mum died of an overdose when he was four. He lives with his dad, who is battling stomach cancer. They are close, but they don’t have the resources to do much for Christmas this year.


Some of your neighbours are really doing it tough


For some, the holiday season is the toughest of all.


And while gifts from a stranger won’t make their problems go away, they can make Christmas Day a little brighter.



That’s why myself and the team at Laing+Simmons in Rosebery are partnering to collect Christmas gifts for families in our local community.


Our caseworker supports a range of people who could do with a bit of extra cheer next month.


Can you help?


And we’re asking if you can spare a gift for a child, teen, or parent next time you’re out shopping.


It will really bring a smile to their faces and make a difference to your community.


We kindly ask for:


1) unwrapped gifts such as Opal cards, gift cards or hampers for mums


2) toys for boys and girls aged 18 months to 17 years.


Delivery location:


South Eastern Community Connect (outside Eastlakes Shopping Centre) on Monday 23rd December. Call Alison on 8338 8506 for more info. 


Why not do this small thing today that will make a big difference to people doing it tough in your neighbourhood?


Your gift will be passed on to a family connected with South Eastern Community Connect or Bayside Women’s Shelter.


Thank you in advance for your kindness! You rock!


Alison Leader, Communications Manager, SECC


* Names have been changed.



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