Yoga for Agility is our new pilot program to help seniors reduce their risk of falls and related injury through the benefits of yoga. It is never too early to start.

Yoga increases flexibility of the joints and improves muscle strength and balance, it focusses the mind, improves body and spatial awareness for greater physical and body confidence and reduces your risk of falls.

Classes run for 8-weeks, starting May 23.
Wednesdays 10 – 11am

Scout Hall, St Helena’s Parade, Eastlakes
Cost for the 8 week course: $16

South Eastern Community Connect already runs regular falls prevention exercise programs such as Stepping On. Now, in partnership with The Yoga Foundation and Ethnic Community Services Co-operative, we offer Yoga for Agility as an alternative program that uses the benefits of yoga to prevent falls.

Falls are a major health risk to seniors and can lead to serious injury.

As we grow older, our bodies change, and weaker muscles, stiffer joints, lower vision, poor balance and reduced sensation can increase our risk of having a fall. As we age, our injuries sustained from a fall can also be more severe.

There are, however, things we can do to reduce risk. A balanced diet to nurture our bodies, enough fluid and healthy exercise such as yoga all work against the overall weakening of the aging body.

Register today to try Yoga for Agility and experience the benefits of improved balance, strength and flexibility.

Antonietta Natoli, Ethnic Community Services Co-operative 02 9569 1288 or
Jessica Hobson, The Yoga Foundation 0414 379 473

An assessment of your health and physical needs will ensure this program is right for you.

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