A little over 20 years ago, Noelle Altiok Brown and her husband had the idea to design and build a boat for the 2000 Olympics.

The boat would host up to 500 people and provide food and entertainment in Sydney Harbour.

Sydney Glass Island hosted Olympic visitors as well as many guests and dignitaries.

Noelle managed every facet of the business. She worked in accounting, advertising, marketing, event planning and hiring staff.

She designed menus and worked closely with her chef over the years.

Special events to remember

Noelle recalls hosting the NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet on Australia Day from 2013 til 2019.

These were special days of networking and friendship-building. And those connections would continue well beyond those years.

But it came time to sell the boat – and Noelle decided to invest instead in volunteering close to her home.

A change in scenery

The boat changed hands in January 2020. And Noelle shifted her focus to supporting the work of a true grassroots organisation.

South Eastern Community Connect.

She’s been volunteering at The Cottage for several months now.

And she is now working as the Sales and Marketing Coordinator within SECC’s aged care team.

Noelle builds relationships with the general community, as well as clients over 65.

She works with our new Home Care Packages Business Development Manager Brooke Norrie. Together, they support people who may not be aware of what SECC offers seniors.

Hopes for the future

“I’m looking forward to seeing more people come through our door to enjoy our services,” Noelle says.

“There are so many ‘big businesses’ out there in aged care, but few can offer what we do.

We can give people personal and local care and service.”

Noelle compares SECC to a boutique fashion store rather than a big brand such as Country Road and Zara.

A boutique NFP

“It’s so easy for not-for-profits who don’t have as much marketing power as ‘the big guys’ to fall through the cracks. But there’s so much potential for us to grow into new areas and let people know what we do.”

Noelle believes SECC will meet the needs of those struggling with the pandemic.

“Times are changing, but we can change to fit what’s happening in people’s worlds,” she says.

“I’m looking forward to the strong connections we’ll make in the coming year.”

To contact Noelle about services for seniors, email marketing@secc.sydney.

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