SECC has an amazing group of educators who’ve been on the frontlines across various south-west Sydney schools during the pandemic.

Our SMOOSH programs run before and after school, and during school holidays, and the education team has been supporting the community in a range of ways.

One educator from our Bankstown school sites, Caitlin Doolan, said this:

“COVID-19 has taken its toll on everyone, and at Bankstown SMOOSH we’re encouraging everybody to become involved in raising awareness for children’s mental health. South Eastern Community Connect provides a range of support and services to assist everybody in the community, including the little guys.”

SMOOSH Educator Caitlin Doolan

Caitlin was stood down from her second job in hospitality during the pandemic, and it’s been really hard.

“This [experience] has highlighted the struggles we’re all going through as individuals and as a community,” she said.

“I’ve been using this time in lockdown for personal growth and development in both the industries I work in. I want to encourage everybody to reach out to a friend or colleague and ask them how they’re going. A conversation can make all the difference.”

The team at Bankstown SMOOSH created this lockdown guide for families during this time.

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