Meet our Youth Worker

Get to know us.

Meet our Youth Worker Tonny Ahmed.

We know you’ll love her.

She’s the Adolescent and Family Worker at South Eastern Community Connect.

Tonny’s key focus is engaging dynamically with youth in the local area.

“I love the diversity that exists in our community,” she says.

“I’m passionate about supporting and empowering young people to feel confident in their own abilities.”

Tonny loves the conversations she gets to have over the BBQ in Eastlakes Reserve.

She and another team member meet up with locals at the park every Friday after school.

She also runs a number of key youth programs in the Mascot community hub with the support of Family and Community Worker Clio Doughty.

“I love the supportive team that I get to work with every day,” Tonny says.

“And it’s great to know we make a difference to young people.”


All our youth activities are purpose-driven.

They are designed to:

  • Address underlying issues
  • Build connections with the community
  • Build relationships with families
  • Create a safe, comfortable environment which allows young people to have fun, make friends, and learn new skills.
  • Through a range of programs and activities, young people quickly develop their self-esteem and sense of independence, and are better placed to overcome hardships.

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