We share how a rabbit named Captain Snowball changed the life of Teresa*, one of our community members.

It was the middle of February, 2023.

Teresa’s neighbour heard about a rabbit at the local vet. He’d been in a cage for three weeks.

They were going to put him down.

When Teresa found out, she made some enquiries. Once the adoption went through, she took him home and called him ‘Captain Snowball’.

“I saved his life and he saved my life in return,” she says.

“I used to suffer from severe anxiety and depression. I also suffer from PTSD. I went through family abuse and two sexual assaults. I was also in an abusive relationship for three years. But my anxiety has reduced since adopting Captain Snowball.

“My mind is busy; I’m active. I’m putting him first above my needs,” she says.

“I’ve become a full-time rabbit mother and a very proud one.”

Teresa can’t imagine living without him.

“I often talk about him to my neighbours who are supporting me to feed him fresh veggies everyday,” she says.

“I love him, and miss him when I am not home. I used to be a night owl, staying up till 3am and sleeping until the afternoon.

“Now I’m a morning person, waking up at 8am every single day.

“Captain Snowball keeps me very active. I have never been happier and I’m no longer alone.

“We saved each other in more ways than one. I’m forever thankful for how he came into my life.”


*Name has been changed.

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