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Our Staff

Meet the people that run our programs and initiatives and see our organisational structure.

Leadership & Administration

Kate Melhopt

Chief Executive Officer

Ashleigh Daines

Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Julie Gray

Centre Coordinator

John Ferguson


Jayne Lee


Alison Leader

Communications Manager

Families, Multicultural and Community Programs

Bronwynn Jursik

Family & Children Services ​Team Leader

Sean Mahoney

Family Support Worker

Rumning Yang

Family Worker

Mia Apostolatos

SMOOSH Educator​

Rekkha Moda

SMOOSH Coordinator

Mariko Nader

SMOOSH Educator​

Zaeed Huq

SMOOSH Educator​

Natasha Feng

Toy Librarian and Family Support Worker

Sabina Rashid

SMOOSH Educator​

Kristin Gray

SMOOSH Educator​

Gladys Vasco

Sewing Teacher

Adolescent Programs

Jazzie Quinn

Youth Worker

Tonny Ahmed

Youth Worker

Food Services

Linda Castellazzi

Food Services Coordinator

Home Care Packages

Tina Tung

Aged Care Marketing Coordinator

Community Transport and Food Services

Lili He

Community Transport Coordinator

Duc Cuong Luu

Field Transport Worker

Volodymyr Perederiy

Field Transport Worker

Kylie Swain

Aged Care Worker

Mzukisi (Muzi) Mabutyana

Flexible Transport Driver

Gregory Stevens

Field Transport Worker

Social Support and Respite Services

Irene Trovato

Social Support Coordinator & Flexible Respite Coordinator

Priscilla Hair

Aged and Disabilities ​Support Worker

Raelene Bathis

Aged and Disabilities ​Support Worker

Franca Scalici

Aged and Disabilities ​Support Worker

Angela Castillo

Aged and Disabilities ​Support Worker

Beatriz Londono

Aged and Disabilities ​Support Worker

Michael Attia

Aged and Disabilities ​Support Worker


Sue Ohanian

Volunteer Coordinator

The Cottage Dementia Day Centre

Amy Drewe

The Cottage Dementia Day Centre Coordinator

Lillian Martinez

Food Preparation Assistant and Cottage Support Worker

Fernando Pazmino

Cottage Support Worker

Eric Scott

Cottage Recreational Activities Officer

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